2010 Winter Olympics Digital Media Gallery

More than 5,000 visitors streamed through the BC Pavilion Digital Media Room every day during the 17 days the show was open.

During the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver BC, the provincial government created the BC Pavilion by transforming the fourth floor of the Vancouver Art Gallery into four distinct galleries. BC’s digital media association, DigiBC, was asked to create the “digital media gallery” which was to showcase all the amazing work being done in BC by local digital media companies. The project officially started in October 2011 which meant we had only 3 short months to design, plan and build an engaging interactive environment – from scratch.

As Creative Director, Mika Creative partnered with Experiential Director Alex Beim from Tangible Interaction, who led a team of talented coders and technical specialists. We also worked closely with interior designer Gail Hazell (as part of the Ken Heit Creative & Exhibitree Display team) on the planning and design of the space. 

We conceived, designed and installed three major interactive pieces including three interactive “cubes”, a forest of 24 LED columns and a multi-projector, 52 feet animated mural. In the centre of the room, the four 7 foot tall cubes housed 4 multi-touch screens each (12 total) which showcased the ‘making of’ major work from BC based digital, games and special effects companies including Electronic Arts, Rainmaker and Switch Interactive. Content included special effects for movies, District 9 and Invictus as well as video games A Need For Speed and Tron. The 52 foot mural illustrations and “making of” projected video were created by local talented illustrators Chairman Ting and Mike Nowland from Company Policy.

Video by Tangible Interaction. Photos by the wonderful Kris Krug.