August 2014

Saltspring Coffee Canopy Bird Art Fundraiser

Salt Spring Coffee has partnered with non-profit organisation Canopy to support their efforts to protect ancient and endangered forests. The fundraiser, named after their Canopy Bird coffee blend, “got its name from the close, interdependent relationship between canopy forests, migratory birds and coffee farming.”

“We’ve handpicked some of our favourite artists and creative changemakers to help tell the story of Canopy. With brushes, paints, colour and a little imagination – they’ve taken a customized Canopy Paint-by-Number canvas and created a special collection of work.”

For my art piece, after many explorations with different media, I designed a type treatment that could be layered on top of the three birds to create an abstract  “canopy birds” statement. I decided to screen print the layers to give it a unique quality that a digital print could not. The screen printing was done at the wonderful local screen printing studio Blim.


The art piece in progress at the screen printing studio. Two screens were needed to create the birds and the overlaying type.

Canopy Bird Art In Progress

Canopy Bird Art In Progress

The above photo shows the first trial of layering the two prints together. The white ink wasn’t sticky enough and we had to use a different ink for the final version.

All the art pieces are being photographed and will be posted soon to The art auction will be held sometime in September.

Learn more about taking the 21 day action challenge to help protect ancient and endangered forests at

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